About Inixindo Bandung

Inixindo Bandung is one of the training institutions that have been established since 2001. From the beginning up Inixindo Bandung already committed to providing the best for IT professionals. Inixindo itself until it already has a head office located in Jakarta and had stood since 1991, Inixindo branch offices located in the city of Bandung, Yogyakarta and Surabaya.
Inixindo Bandung as a professional IT training institutions to provide learning solutions that help organizations and professionals to learn and receive better results, increased productivity and efficiency of work. Our learning solutions designed to maximize the benefits of training classes and provides methods to create a comprehensive learning and experience. The result is a training based on real solutions that provide real results.
Official Partner Inixindo Bandung conducted training in IT is vendors - vendors who are competent software field including Sun Microsystems, Cisco, Microsoft, Oracle and EC Council. In addition to the material - material taken from the vendors there are also regular matter developed by Inixindo Bandung which is more applicable.
If you are a professional who seeks the expertise to find a way to reach success IT field, then Inixindo Bandung is the right partner for you as an integrated learning solution.